Office Berlin

The joint past of the sites in Berlin, Chemnitz, Dresden, Düsseldorf (Georg-Glock-Straße), Cologne, and Koblenz, which started as the predecessor company Verhülsdonk & Partner GmbH, is based on almost eight decades of successful practical experience, and current knowledge of auditing and tax accountancy. The joint origin is in the auditing firm founded in Cologne in 1936, which was taken over in 1953 by our namesake, Dr. Rudolf Verhülsdonk. This was the basis for a successful expansion.

The feature of all the sites mentioned is the above average percentage of professionals, measured by the total number of employees.

The relationship with our clients is characterized by mutual trust, long term business relationships, and personal commitment. Our circle of clients is wide ranging. Apart from large companies sometimes listed on the stock exchange, we supervise numerous clients from the small and medium sized enterprise sector. They are frequently family companies and owner managed companies, but also smaller economic units and freelancers.

Our clients serve national and international markets and work in a multitude of sectors. Our supervision and consulting offers are correspondingly complex, which are characterized by industry competence and take into account the idiosyncrasies of the individual areas. Our intensively supervised clients include economic units in public ownership - particularly from health and social care - and non-profit organizations in a variety of organizational and legal forms. In the scope of our private client service, we supervise wealthy private persons in all economic and tax related areas.



Markgrafenstraße 32
10117 Berlin
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