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Audit and tax advisory services for clients at the German Corner

RSM in Koblenz – audit and tax advisory services in the economic centre of the Northern Palatinate

The city of Koblenz stands out not only as a UNESCO World Heritage City, but it is also the most important economic centre between the Eifel, Hunsrück and Westerwald. Koblenz is the third largest city in the Rhineland-Palatinate and is a manufacturing location for global companies. In particular, the machine and automotive supply industries as well as software firms are strongly represented in Koblenz. The clients our certified tax advisors and public auditors represent operate in domestic and international markets. Correspondingly complex is the tax and audit work at the Koblenz office since our clients come from a wide range of industries. Among them are internationally well-known corporate groups, small and medium-sized companies as well as publicly owned business entities – especially those in health and social services. In addition, our audit and tax advisory firm in Koblenz at the German Corner serves non-profit organisations having a variety of organizational and legal forms as well as wealthy private individuals in all business and tax-related areas.

Our audit and tax advisory firm in Koblenz is a guarantor for expert and holistic support in all tax and commercial law matters. All of our client relationships in Koblenz are characterised by continuity and mutual trust. The certified tax advisors and public auditors at our Koblenz office represent a broad spectrum of companies from family-run companies, established small and medium-sized companies up to global corporate groups. No matter which legal form our clients have or to which industry they belong – our certified tax advisors and public auditors seek the appropriate consulting approaches and solutions not only in German tax and commercial law but also in international tax and commercial law.

Our services at the Koblenz office

  • Tax advisory services: Our certified tax advisors support our clients in all tax requirements and services specific to their industries such as preparing tax returns, performing bookkeeping and preparing financial statements
  • Audit and assurance services: Our auditors support our clients in all important audit and assurance issues, if required, also in international formats, such as separate and consolidated financial statements, company valuations, due diligence reviews, international accounting in accordance with IFRS and US GAAP, transfer pricing, optimising accounting processes as well as assurance reviews and other certification services.

The range of audit and tax advisory services in Koblenz comprises comprehensive tax and audit-related consulting in matters specific to particular industries along with the classic audit and assurance services. Our clients in Koblenz benefit from an above average number of qualified professionals in proportion to the total number of employees. Among our clients are not only large companies but also numerous small and medium-sized companies, which are often family-owned or owner-managed companies, along with small businesses, freelancers and the self-employed. The direct contact of our tax advisors and auditors with our clients and long-term business relationships based on trust characterize our RSM audit and tax advisory firm in Koblenz.

Koblenz – economic and cultural centre at the German Corner

As the third largest city in the Rhineland-Palatinate, the economy of Koblenz is at the centre of the Northern Palatinate and is a manufacturing location for companies operating globally. In addition, a wide range of suppliers and service providers also characterises Koblenz as a business location. Along with an economy of small and medium-sized companies, a number of well-known large companies have also settled in Koblenz.

The German Corner with its statue of Emperor William I is located where the Mosel River meets the Rhine River. The electoral palace complex, the kilometre-long riverside promenades, the Stolzenfels Castle, an epitome of Rhine romanticism, along with the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress towering above it all and the cable car across the Rhine – make up the culturally interesting city of Koblenz steeped in history and worth living in. Koblenz is not only an economic centre, but it is also very close to nature. The city on the Rhine River has a mild climate and many hours of sunshine during the year. Koblenz is simply a great place to live and starting point for impressive trips and excursions.

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