Forensic Investigations

Economic crime causes losses of around 4 billion euros every year. This does not include the immediate consequences relating to loss of trust and damaged image that companies suffer as a result of criminal activities. Companies which are particularly susceptible to fraudulent acts are those which are in crisis, since the crisis represents an exceptional situation and promotes the factors involved in criminal acts: motivation, opportunity and internal justification.

The focus of all forensic investigations should be in the interests of the company. In the event of violations of accounting regulations, one major interest is the restoration of regulatory compliance. In addition to this, in cases of financial losses, the focus will be on the investigation and assertion of civil claims. The special challenge for the company lies here in balancing the necessity of investigations on the one hand against restoring trust on the other.

You should therefore not hesitate if you suspect fraudulent acts have been carried out. Analyze the cash and payment flows. Assess the appropriateness of the performance and service in return. The presentation of the facts serves as the basis for lawsuits. You should therefore secure evidence accordingly.

The specialists from RSM have the necessary experience and can assist you. In addition, they guarantee and document compliance with the statutory regulations by your company.

The experts at RSM know the different alternative solutions and can assess the different exit strategies in a specific case for you. They identify the exit strategy which includes the greatest achievable profit and/or the avoidance of losses.

Possible exit alternatives:

  • Share sale
  • Initial public offering
  • Buyback
  • Insolvency
  • Liquidation
  • MBI - Management buy-in
  • MBO - Management buy-out
  • Secondary purchase
  • Trade sale
  • Company succession




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