Restructuring Audit (IDW S 6)

IDW S 6 is a standard defined by the Institute of Public Auditors in Germany (IDW), which nowadays is recognized generally and in particular by financiers as a sale for restructuring audits.

A restructuring audit must clearly demonstrate to financing partners if a company is a going concern and competitive, and if it is capable of achieving sustainable returns on investment. A restructuring audit thus generates trust for the continuation of financing commitments, and for the granting of loans in a crisis situation. A company in crisis is very unlikely to receive a financing commitment without a restructuring audit from an independent Certified Public Accountant.

The experienced restructuring experts at RSM are pleased to support you with various alternative solutions, such as…

  • analysis of the business situation,
  • determining the stage of the crisis,
  • analysis of the causes of the crisis,
  • a descriptive analysis relating to the continuation of the company,
  • presentation of future strategy and measures to achieve the strategic objectives,
  • delivering a sound audit statement on the possibility of restructuring the company.

You create trust and transparency and form the basis for the continuation of a loan commitment (assessment basis for obtaining new loans). Furthermore, you therefore create the starting point for settlement negotiations.