Restructuring Concepts

The number of business insolvencies in Germany is at a historic low. Nevertheless, around 24,000 companies and their legal representatives are still forced to appear in the insolvency court each year.
It is only possible and permissible to assume that the company will stay in business where financial equilibrium is preserved, and where over-indebtedness can be avoided. Crisis situations require rapid and effective intervention, as this is often the only way in which acute grounds for insolvency can be avoided or remedied.

A restructuring can however only be considered a success in the long term when the ability of the business to generate return on investment can sustainably be restored. For this, immediate and strategic measures have to be taken and consistently implemented.

The experienced restructuring experts at RSM are pleased to assist you with:

  • the development of immediate action to maintain liquidity
  • conducting settlement negotiations,
  • the development of a strategy, taking into consideration the key competences of the company and market opportunities
  • the support of the executive management for the duration of the restructuring and implementation phase


The advantages to you are the preservation of assets and invested capital and – last but not least – jobs.



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