Data Management, Data Catalog & Data Governance

Data is your biggest asset

Whether we are aware of it or not, we are generating vast amounts of data on a daily basis. With the advent of digital solutions, data has become the backbone of all organisations.

One of the biggest challenges most organisations face, is how to effectively manage and use its’ data assets. Developing the right data management strategy, will help your organisation have the right foundation for any business analytics solution.

Our team will help your organisation to develop and implement the right data management strategy and solution, to ensure clean and comprehensive data.   

Knowing your data

Given that most departments operate in their own silo, there is a big possibility that the same data exists at various places within your organisation. This could lead to great inconsistencies and redundancies when looking at your organisations’ data.

In modern data management, data catalogues have become an essential component and helps organisations speed up their data analysis and business intelligence. Having a Data Catalogue at your disposal, will help you know the data you have at your disposal, and whether it is suitable for a given purpose.

At RSM, we believe that data gives you the edge, and by knowing your data, you can ensure that your organisation has a sound foundation for the digital future.

Govern your data effectively

Having the right processes, policies and standards in place, will help your organisation use its’ data effectively. This will help your organisation with both the quality and security of your data. With the advent of GDPR, these policies and processes have become more important than ever.

Our team will help you use your organisations’ data effectively and help you adhere to all regulations, requirements and standards.


Dr. Oliver Bungartz

Partner - RAS, Hamburg


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Gregor Strobl

Co-Leiter Risk Advisory Services - RAS, Hamburg


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