Data Quality and Migration Services

Poor data gives poor insights

The saying of “garbage in – garbage out” holds true when looking at your data. Even the best though-out and implemented data management strategy might not save you from poor quality data.

Poor data quality at the source will hamper the progress of any data-driven initiative that your organisation might have. Whether it be a Business Intelligence (BI) implementation, or more advances analysis such as process mining, poor data quality will deliver poor results.

Together with our team, we can ensure that your companies’ data is complete, accurate, relevant and timely. 

We help you move

Your organisations’ data is important, and when you decide to change between systems, your data needs to come along as well. Your old system handled information in a certain way, and things might look a lot different now.

It is vital when a system migration takes place, that the correct data elements are identified, transformed and migrated to the new system. We at RSM will assist with the data preparation, transformation and migration between systems, so that you can use your new system to the fullest without leaving anything behind.

Adherence is important

When a new system is implemented, or data has been migrated to a new system, invariably the auditors come knocking on the door. Given the scale and complexity of system implementation projects, there is always a big risk that important items are overlooked. Whether it be the project management, or data itself, every aspect caries potentially high risk for your organisation.

Our team reviews the data migration according to e.g. the IDW 850 standard, so you can have piece of mind when the audit reports are being tabled.


Dr. Oliver Bungartz

Partner - RAS, Hamburg


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Gregor Strobl

Co-Leiter Risk Advisory Services - RAS, Hamburg


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