Image & Video Analytics, Computer Vision, Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

When text is not just text

Text Mining was mostly regarded as a novel academic field with little or no applications in the business world. However, social media and the advent of big data has opened the door to an unimaginable world of possibilities. For a human, it is almost impossible to trawl through thousands of articles, books, posts and Tweets and find anything that is of value. By applying advanced algorithms, applications can find hidden patterns within text in a short space of time, something that a human could not easily achieve. An example where OCR can be applied in your business, is in the area of invoicing. OCR can be used to read texts from thousands of invoices and classify them according to features such as date, invoice number and amounts. Additionally, deep learning and metadata analysis can be used to improve the classifications.

There are many applications for Text Mining, such as sentiment analysis and document classification which could greatly benefit your organisation. We have a set of solutions which could add directly value to your business, or we could develop interesting use cases together.

Customer service of the future

We have all used technology which contains some sort of Natural Language Processing (NLP). When you ask Siri for directions, or book travel via a travel portal, you are talking to an automated agent.

Intelligent agents will revolutionise the way customer service is handled, as they could take over important business functions. These intelligent agents have become more readily available and could easily be incorporated into your business.

Contact us to find out how your business can be streamlined with the help of Artificial Intelligence powered agents.

Automating knowledge extraction

Documents of all sorts form a part of our daily lives. The challenge remains to extract useful information from a document, especially when it has been written by hand. Advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made this task easier, and the adoption of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) has increased substantially.

Our OCR solutions will help you extract the knowledge you need and eliminate the tedious task of reading through hundreds of documents.


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