Platform & Infrastructure

The right platform is essential

Modern technologies have expended the options available for your organisations’ platforms. With the advent of cloud technologies, organisations have more options available and thus more flexibility. It is often the mindset that one needs to maintain the status-quo in terms of your platforms, but that might make you fall behind your competitors.

Cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have come to the front in recent years as the leading cloud providers. Implementing a new platform could unlock various advantages for your organisation, such as greater scalability and performance, less maintenance and more on-demand storage.

Our team will help in analysing your current platform state and help you implement the right solution for your needs.

Infrastructure enables an organisation

An entity is only as good as its’ weakest link, and not having the correct IT infrastructure in place could be detrimental to your organisation. With our infrastructure assessment and consulting, we can assist your organisation unlock its’ full potential and help you bridge the gap.


Dr. Oliver Bungartz

Partner - RAS, Hamburg


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Gregor Strobl

Co-Leiter Risk Advisory Services - RAS, Hamburg


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