Technology Strategy

Digital shifts your strategy

The digital revolution has changed the way many organisations look at their overall strategy. Consumers are less drawn to brick and mortar shops, and moving towards an online environment. It is often the case that companies ignore technology trends, and succumb to a changing market in the end.

Your internal processes are also not exempt from changing times. Your current ERP system could be holding you back, as it cannot cope with modern data volumes. Your accounting team could struggle to capture and match all incoming invoices, due to the sheer volume thereof.

When these scenarios arise, it is often time to rethink your current technology stack and whether it still caters for your business. It is often helpful to get an outside perspective on how digital your organisation is, and with the help of our team, we will help you put the right technology in place for your needs and ambitions.

You need the right mix

Technology itself is important, but you also need the right mix of resources and vision. Your staff needs to be ready for the changing landscape, which aligns with the CTO’s vision. We help you align your goals and ensure that your staff are ready for the new digital way of working.


Dr. Oliver Bungartz

Partner - RAS, Hamburg


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Gregor Strobl

Co-Leiter Risk Advisory Services - RAS, Hamburg


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