Fraud Prevention & Investigations

Worldwide studies show that the number of economic crimes is rising and that therefore companies – regardless of their size – should address this issue. The consequences of economic crime can include significant losses of a financial nature, compliance infringements, infringements of the law and even criminal proceedings. Besides everyday events such as fraud and theft, companies are now increasingly being confronted with legal disputes and lawsuits. These matters represent serious threats to the reputation of a company and should therefore be approached professionally, objectively and appropriately.

Prevention and Aftercare

RSM has experienced specialists who offer investigative services and solutions all over the world in accordance with statutory provisions. They offer both proactive and reactive solutions for all aspects of economic crime (e.g. fraud, bribery or theft) and corruption. Besides investigative skills, the specialists also use their know-how in the fields of auditing and accounting and work together with colleagues from various areas (including the Legal Department).