Governance & Compliance

Legal requirements and culture determine the corporate governance in a company. These are country-specific and range from the composition of the Supervisory Board, through the rights of the stakeholders, to the requirements of the audit committees.

The subject of compliance is becoming increasingly important within the context of the rise in the negative impacts caused by economic crime (e.g. fraud, embezzlement, corruption or competition offenses), as well as within the framework of growing liability risks for the company management. Also against the background of data protection aspects, the general public  became more aware of Compliance Management in the recent past. In addition to civil and criminal liability, companies face the loss of reputation and image. Consequently, executive management and supervisory bodies are increasingly forced to deal with the question of how they can efficiently ensure compliance with legislation, contractual obligations and internal regulations / directives. In practice, companies are increasingly resorting to Compliance Management systems in order to fulfillthe necessary measures and make these transparent, controllable and verifiable. Here, Compliance Management systems should be seen in particular in connection with Risk Management, the Internal Control System (ICS) and the Internal Auditing of the organization.

As a business owner / decision-maker, you want to have a transparent overview of your company. This is easiest to achieve by means of a holistic approach. For this, our experts help you to develop and/or interlink control and management systems. This enables you to take the correct decisions and control your company successfully – efficiently and with high quality.