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Finance and accounting should contribute to profitable corporate growth more quickly and with greater foresight. This requires harmonized standards and optimally coordinated systems and processes. The use of digital technologies and state-of-the-art software solutions in finance and accounting is becoming a critical success factor for corporate management.

Corporate planning, consolidated financial statements and reporting are to be created and updated at ever shorter intervals and at the same time in greater degrees of detail. At the same time, the quality, security, transparency and productivity of all activities and results are to be increased.

It goes without saying that accounting is carried out using a software solution. The preparation of corporate planning, consolidated financial statements and reporting and their updating, on the other hand, are still activities that are often carried out manually in Excel. Manual additional work in Excel is time-consuming, laborious, error-prone and often difficult for third parties to understand.

There are specialized software solutions for planning, consolidation and reporting that are fully integrated with financial accounting and at the same time automate processes. RSM specializes in organizing and implementing the introduction of digital solutions in addition to the existing day-to-day work with clients and supporting you with the appropriate software selection.

Your advantages:

  • Faster speed, improved quality, higher productivity
  • Integration, harmonization, standardization and automation of systems and processes
  • Information and impetus for profitable corporate growth
  • Optimal support during strategy implementation
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