The global economy is going through a challenging phase – even if a CEO plans for economic cycles, unforeseen difficulties can occur. In such phases it is helpful to call in specialists at short notice. Our experience shows that the early identification of problems and direct professional action means that liquidation and insolvency are avoidable in many cases.

RSM has a team of restructuring specialists who have experience in working together with and advising business leaders, financial institutions, turnaround and venture capital experts. You can make use of this expertise in your own interests.

A Strong Partner at your Side

We provide you with support in all fields – rapid and professional advice is essential in such cases. Our specialists have the necessary expertise at their disposal: Not only in the field of consulting, but also the implementation of strategies.
We offer various turnaround solutions from the preparation of a business plan, through debt advice, debt relief and debt consolidation, to the optimization of performance and working capital. In the crisis we help with cash management and support you in negotiations with current and potential financiers. We also advise you on exit strategies and on the execution of insolvencies – not only of companies, but also personal bankruptcy.

Our services include

  • Development of a Restructuring Concept
  • Restructuring Audit (IDW S 6)
  • Interim Management
  • Insolvency Plan
  • Self-Administration
  • Distressed M&A
  • Exit Strategies
  • Forensic Investigations



Early recognition of warning signs

Regardless of whether it’s a matter of surplus production or price erosion on sales markets, strategic errors or failure to plan for corporate succession – these are only a few of many typical sources of corporate crises, which are rarely triggered by sudden occurrences. In most cases, such crises are preceded by obvious warning signs. The sooner these signs of crisis are recognized, the greater the chances of a positive overcome. But time is of the essence.


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