Tax Risk Management

If risks are continuously monitored, a company can consciously control them and have a positive influence on target achievement – the implications of negative influences are reduced. Companies which use an integrated and uniform approach for this increase their security and protect themselves against serious problems.

This comprises especially the fulfillment of tax obligations and duties as well as the implementation of necessary structures and processes. The increasing regulatory and documentary demands and the increasing aggressiveness of the tax authorities towards tax payers worldwide, require an adequately organization structure of tax functions. The implementation of a certified and internal Tax Compliance Management System can ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements by having proper established control processes to minimize the tax risks.

Through our Risk Advisory and Tax experts you are provided with extensive services in the field of implementation and attestation of Governance, Risk and Tax Compliance Management Systems. The approach used for this enables optimum synergistic effects to be achieved between the areas of Risk Management, Internal Control Systems (ICS) and Internal Auditing on the one hand and Compliance Management and Corporate Governance on the other.

Whether in the SME sector or globally – we concentrate on your individual wishes and requirements. You benefit from our market and industry expertise combined with the knowledge of our experts. As a result, our solutions are always in line with the very latest developments and can be considered best practice examples.

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