Planning, Consolidation and Reporting

Finance and accounting should contribute faster and more predictable to profitable business growth. For this, harmonised standards and optimally integrated systems and processes are essential. The introduction of the most up to date digital technology and software solutions will be a key success factor in company management.

Business planning, consolidated financial statements and reporting should be carried out at shorter intervals and in ever more detail.  At the same time quality, safety, transparency and productivity should be increased.

In account management using a software solution is just a matter of course. On the other hand, Excel still appears to be the tool that is often used to prepare initial business plans, consolidate financial statements and provide reports, and subsequently keep them updated. However, the use of Excel can be time-consuming, tedious, error prone and can be difficult for third parties to understand.

There are other specialised, more automated software solutions that can be fully integrated into the financial accounting process.  RSM specialises in in organising this integration of digital solutions alongside the normal day to day processes of its clients.

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