Consumer goods industry

Since today's consumers are more informed than ever before, the retail and consumer goods industries are probably the ones most affected by an intensive use of digitalization. Digital price comparisons, growing customer expectations in mature markets, new business models, alternative locations for production facilities, raw materials as well as high cost pressures have led to fundamental changes in the consumer goods industry in many areas. This is where revolutions are happening, and these industries are facing numerous challenges: new business strategies, optimizing processes, as well as selecting and implementing ERP systems are just a few of the issues at the top of the agenda.

Transforming strategies and structures

Our experts are familiar with these special requirements and situations. We analyse, identify opportunities and risks and develop sustainable solutions together with our clients.

Developing corporate divisions and business units

RSM's industry expertise is based on years of experience with manufacturers of a wide range of consumer goods. Our experts guide you along the digital transformation path required for survival - also with regard to prices, margins and cash flows.

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