The German health care system is known as one of the oldest and best in the world. Hospitals, rehabilitation centres, senior citizen homes, nursing facilities, associations of medical doctors and health insurances are among many of the service providers.

Hardly any other industry faces one of the greatest transformations in managing health care, which is being driven with ever greater intensity by processes being digitalised processes and service providers being linked. Changes in the availability of medical services, in legal requirements for staffing, in the lack of skilled professionals and in scarce financial resources are additional challenges for the industry. This transformation demands great attention, flexibility and economic expertise of all members of the health care industry. RSM has been advising and supporting service providers operating on the health care market for several years.

In order to successfully meet this transformation and the challenges of the future, complex solutions are required. Only those who know how to use their potential will be successful on the market and will be able to continue to exist at all.

Successfully shaping the transformation

Thanks to RSM‘s broad range of services, we are able to offer all-encompassing interdisciplinary and coordinated consulting from one hand.  Also globally the health care industry is one of the significantly growing markets. Owing to globalisation and to the ageing of our society, the health care industry will also continue to be of ever growing significance and to face ever increasing complexity. Our worldwide network of industry specialists offers competent services and transnational experience to our clients for ensuring their current and future performance in the face of ever increasing competitive pressure.

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