Non Profit Organizations

The nonprofit sector is increasingly gaining in importance, as the tax authorities are performing more checks of nonprofit-making and municipal companies regarding their economic activities. The activities of non-profit companies – especially those which serve the public good – are characterized by complicated legal and fiscal regulations. When these companies are provided with consulting services or are audited, a variety of regulations pertaining to public funding and subsidy regulations have to be observed.

We look after clients from the non-profit sector with respect to the auditing of their annual accounts, tax consulting and with ongoing consulting. In addition, we offer help and advice with budget and hospital and nursing charge negotiations.

Foundations and Associations

Associations have a long tradition. The same can be said about fiscal problems of associations. In contrast, foundations have only experienced a significant boom in recent years. In both cases there is not only a need for comprehensive advice on concepts to determine whether the envisaged legal form is suitable for the intended purpose, but also continuous support. This applies in particular with respect to the question of charitable status, since both associations and most foundations in Germany are recognized as being nonprofit-making. Furthermore, foundations are regulated in state law – which brings a certain degree of variation to the regulations.

Publications for Non Profit Organizations

RSM offers both foundations and associations the necessary expertise and technical knowledge to provide optimum answers to the various questions relating to taxes.