Financial Investors

Financial investors are increasingly purchasing shares in German companies. The export-oriented companies in particular from the field of mechanical engineering/ automotive industry have impressed financial investors with their technical expertise and – in some cases – high margins. But we are also finding interest and activities in other industries.

Germany is currently attractive above all for customers located in the USA (not least due to the weak euro). The active financial investors are no longer only classical private equity firms who hold their company shares over the short to medium term and then sell them on at a high profit. The investment culture has changed to some extent.

Sustainable Value Increase

The financial investors with whom we predominantly work together with at RSM are searching for long-term and sustainable investments. For a long time it has no longer been necessary for these to flow into majority holdings. Often the investor offers purely financial and – if requested – also specialist support in order to sustainably increase the value of the company.


Private Equity