Real Estate and Construction

The real estate industry in Germany makes a significant contribution to overall economic performance. Real estate represents an important form of capital investments in both the commercial and private field. In spite of regulations and the debt crisis, these have increasingly become the focus of attention for financial investors. Especially as the German market continues to offer sound value for money; in contrast to some international real estate markets, which display correspondingly high levels of volatility.

An investment should therefore be prepared very thoroughly. A professional analysis of the market and forward-looking economic, fiscal and legal planning do not guarantee success, but significantly increase the chances of success. We will be pleased to offer you the professional support of our national and international experts.

The construction industry is thriving under the current economic developments. Nevertheless, companies in the construction industry are facing major challenges. In order to remain competitive in the international environment, some parts of value creation have to be generated abroad. The demand for energy efficiency is high in Germany in particular. However, for innovative companies there is an opportunity here to differentiate themselves and therefore partially avoid the price pressure from international suppliers.

The "Real Estate and Construction" and "Energy" competence teams work closely together at RSM so that they can offer solutions to the challenges to our clients. We will be pleased to provide you with our expertise.


Real Estate and Construction