Real Estate and Construction Industries

The real estate industry plays a significant role not only in the Federal Republic of Germany but also in the European Union. With over 815,000 firms and approximately 3 million employees, this industry is not only the largest industrial sector in Germany but also one of the most dynamically growing sectors.

The real estate industry has been developing dynamically without any interruption. Along with having been strengthened by favorably beneficial financing conditions and ample liquidity available on the market, demographic factors and a good economy have been providing a sustainable demand for real estate.

Real estate properties are not only a crucially central form of investment in the commercial sector but also in the private sector. When compared internationally, the German market continues to offer a stable price-performance ratio. However, such an investment needs to be very carefully prepared in each case. A professional analysis of the market as well as   forward-looking economic, tax and legal planning definitely increase chances for success.

Interdisciplinary cooperation with our clients.

With RSM’s competence center “Real Estate and Construction Industries”, you have experts experienced in these industries at your side. With their expertise and with the knowledge we have gathered at the national and international levels over many years, we are at your disposal with an interdisciplinary approach for all of your questions concerning the real estate and construction industries. 

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