Family-owned Business

We at RSM are business owners ourselves. This forms the basis for our immediate understanding of the individual situation of family business owners – which includes not only your goals, but also diverse challenges. You take decisions quickly and accurately and expect the same from us. And you have the right to do so.

Correct actions with understanding and expertise

Taking the right decision at the right time is just as important for sustained success in the family business as the cohesion of the family. Decisions are often matters of the heart or reached on gut instinct, even when it might be better to make them on the basis of objective criteria and market development on the one hand, and the structure and development of the family on the other. This is the overview that we offer you.

"We need competent, innovative and reliable partners that are professionally networked. That is why I chose RSM when founding my business."

Dietrich Schulz, Liberty One Group - The Shipping Company, Bremen / Leer

Holistic Consulting Service for Family Businesses

If you take advantage of our consulting services, you can expect a holistic approach which considers and coordinates operational and private concerns to an equal extent. This approach focuses above all on objectivity.
Choose with your heart and with your head, and trust in our expertise.



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