The decision-making processes and shareholder structures of the company should remain compatible with the interests and value-orientation of the family members, even where the shareholder profile becomes increasingly complex.

A governance scheme for the family-owned business as a kind of business and family constitution will generate increased value in any family-owned business, contributing not only to greater transparency and clarity for the stakeholders, but also having a positive effect on the economic success of the business.

In our brochure on "Family Business Governance", we offer insight into the optional arrangements provided by a family-owned business governance guideline, and also illustrate how important it is for your business and your family to take on this task. In the brochure we tackle questions that are faced in almost every family-owned business on the company level (business governance) or on the private level (family governance).

Our partners are personal consultants with many years of experience in supporting family-owned businesses. Through a continuous exchange of experience, and not least through their own activity as business owners, they always have an eye on both the business and the interests of the family, thus fulfilling the special preconditions for the required consultant profile.



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