Private Clients

We also have a long tradition of managing many sizeable portfolios of individuals and family assets. We prepare the income tax returns associated with all domestic and foreign income. Here, the main focus of the consulting services and optimizing design is the income from capital assets, as well as from renting and leasing.

In the provision of consulting services to private persons, the perspective alignment of the assets and the change of generation are also significant. RSM offers suggestions and help in connection with inheritance and gift tax, proposals for the structuring of anticipated succession and interesting structuring options among spouses.

The Private Household as a Company

Financial transactions of freelancers or the owners of small and medium-sized enterprises often go far beyond the standard transactions of private households.

Frequently it is possible to speak in this connection of a "private household company". RSM helps you with the structuring of the private assets and oversees transactions of the banks, real estate or asset managers. Furthermore, we provide our clients with an overview of their total assets, taking into account any liabilities in a so-called "private balance sheet". Private bookkeeping records all income and expenditures of the private household and enables, for example, reconciliation with liquidity planning. In this way you maintain an overview at all times of your private assets and their use.

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